Promotional Plates for Bottled Products: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Promotional PlatesIn the 1950’s, milk and other drinks came in glass bottles and these bottles usually had a metal tag around their necks that had either information about expiration dates or brands printed on them. These days, bottles come with labels attached to them with the use of an adhesive, and these labels are often made out of flexible materials like aluminum foil and polyester. The only bottles you will find having these metal tags around their necks are specialty products and custom made ones that are manufactured for gift giving purposes.

This is where the question of whether or not having promotional plates made for your gift giving ideas comes in. Should you use metal nameplates hanging by a chain around the neck of a bottle for your tagging and branding needs? When is it ideal to actually use this kind of a tag?

A number of products today sport this unique looking tag and for a good reason. It actually makes your bottles look classy and even collectible. There are even some people who look for bottles with this old-fashioned looking tags because they like how these look and use these to store certain condiments and items at home. If you are thinking of giving your customers a product that lasts even after the contents are gone, you should consider these kinds of tags for your bottled products.

You can also create collectible versions of your bottles with these tags in different designs. Have metal plates with your brand or logo on them in different designs, and attach these on bottles that you can call collectible or commemorative pieces. You can also use this idea with special bottles you do create to mark a special occasion for your company or for marking certain milestones. These bottles can then be used to carry your products for a limited amount of time, which will make them collectible and somewhat in demand.

Aside from using these tags on your bottled products, you can also have these customized for personal purposes. You can have these tags made for when you want to give out bottles of wine for the holidays or for special occasions like weddings and company events. These bottles with the special tags on them can then be handed out as souvenirs, and the tags on these can be made using metal, with the name of the event, your brand, the date of the event and other information you might want going on the tag.

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