Promotional Plates: Designs for Your Special Occasions and Needs

BY Rowena Taylor

Promotional PlatesPromotional plates are, as what the name lets you know, often made for promotional purposes. While this is the main use of such a plate, this is not its only use. You can actually use these plates for a number of different reasons, and those include personal and special occasion uses.

What kinds of special occasions can warrant the use of such plates and how do you use these plates for these? Here are some ideas that you may have not considered in the past may consider these days for your next big thing:

Wedding reception place cards – imagine having metal plates made for your place cards instead of the usual cardboard or paper kind of thing? These place cards can be more than just markers for where people are to sit, but rather souvenirs for your wedding day. You can have your name and your spouse’s name engraved, etched, photosensitized, or what have you, on one side of a metal plate the size of a business card and you can have the other side carry the name of the guest who is to sit in a specific place. You can then have these placed on holders that are either made of crystal, or metal as well, so that these stand up on the table.

Room number and/or designation – this is a good idea for dorms or even for summer camps who need to have numbers or room names placed on the doors of bunk rooms or dorm rooms. You can choose to go with plates made to look like car plate numbers that are embossed with the room name or number, etched plates with images on either side, photosensitized plates, and even digitally printed ones. You can hang these on the doors, or if you are using lightweight metals like aluminum for this, you can adhere these with heavy duty adhesives.

Party Invitations – these would work great as party invitations, if you use lightweight and thin aluminum plates for this. You can shape the invitations any which way you want, depending on the theme of the party. For instance, if you are thinking of holding a Star Trek themed party, you can have the invitation shaped like the insignia of the fleet, or you can have the insignia stamped onto a rectangular piece of aluminum, with the details of the party printed onto cardboard and attached to the other side of this aluminum plate.

Dedication Giveaways – if you are holding a commemorative party for someone who was important to your organization, you can hand out giveaways to attendees to help remember the person by in the form of small plates with the person’s image and details engraved or etched into such plates. These could be small enough to fit into a regular picture frame or attached to small wooden blocks to make these easy to display.

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