Printable Nameplates: What Exactly Are These Used For?

Printable Nameplates

When you hear the term “nameplates”, the first thing that would probably pop into your mind is those name plates that you see being worn by customer service personnel on their uniforms. Technically, this is correct. If you were to talk about printable nameplates however, then you are talking about a different product altogether.

Printable nameplates are actually self-adhesive labels or stickers that are used to show people the name or designation of the person wearing it. These are not really “plates”, as the name seems to suggest, but are labels that have a person’s designation or name on it. While most nameplates made for such a use are made for permanent use, printable name plates are used only temporarily and for special occasions.

Printable nameplates are essentially just labels that are made for special events like conventions and conferences. Another name for these items is “name tags”, and as such, are used to “tag” people to make getting to know one another at these events easier. These tags also help make the task of remember people’s names, their companies and what they do easier and faster.

When these events occur, some companies opt to use blank sticker labels and have people write down their names, their designation and their company name on the label as they register for the event. Some companies however choose to make these tags look more professional and uniform by printing these out on printers that they bring to the venue. Still others have these specially made by printing companies, particularly if the event requires people to pre-register and pay for their participation beforehand.

There are some companies who choose to have labels or stickers printed with their company logo or name while leaving a space big enough for someone’s name (or nickname) and designation to be written or printed on such a tag.  Once a person shows up for the event, they are asked for their name and other information. This is then printed or written on the name tag provided for them and they are then asked to attach this adhesive tag to their shirt.

These are often used for seminars, trade shows, conventions and other similar events. The use of printable nameplates for such activities is due to the fact that these things do not happen all the time and participants to such events change. These tags are very useful and most companies have stock tags printed in advance with their company name and logo so as to prevent the need to rush to have these made should a sudden company event require such tags.