Polyester Labels Frequently Asked Questions

Polyester Mylar Labels

One of the label types that most companies use for their business needs are polyester labels. Also called Mylar labels, polyester labels are considered one of the tougher and more durable labels around, hence the rather huge number of people using it for their businesses. Even though this particular label type is popular enough among those who already use it, some questions do pop up every now and then when new users are trying to understand why this label type is recommended to them. Here are some of the usual questions that are asked and the answers:

Why should I use polyester labels? – Polyester labels are one of the more durable label options you have around and are ideal for a number of applications. Some of the more common applications for this label type include barcode labels, product labels, outdoor labels, mailing labels and many more.

What are my design options when it comes to polyester labels? – You can actually have your polyester labels professionally designed or you can design the content of these labels yourself. In order to properly design your labels, you should first take note of the label size, what colors you will need, whether or not you need numbering info on these and if any special features such as laminates or special adhesives are required.

What purpose does a laminate serve on these labels? – Laminates or overcoats serve to protect the print on these labels as well as the integrity of the label material itself from quickly deteriorating under harsh conditions. Some of the conditions that laminates and overcoats help protect labels from include the sun’s UV rays, dirt, dust, grime and water. These laminates also add a glossy coating to your labels, making them more attractive.

What sizes can I choose for my polyester labels? – The sizes you can choose for these kinds of labels often depend on what your usage may be. Since these are highly customizable, you can easily dictate the size of the label that you need. Talking with a specialist about these labels will give you an idea as to how big or how small your labels can be.

What other customization options do I have with these labels? – You can actually choose the adhesives you want to use, background colors, numbering styles, shapes and content of these labels according to your needs.