Other Uses of Destructible Vinyl Labels

Destructible Vinyl LabelsYou probably know by now that destructible vinyl labels are great for deterring theft in your facility. These are often used as asset and inventory tags that are attached to the many items that your company owns, and when these are tampered with, can be easily seen and detected due to the difficult way in which these are removed. This very same destructible feature can be used on more than just asset and inventory management and tracking. In fact, this particular feature can be used for the following:

To ensure safety tags are not removed – some people may remove safety reminders and labels on certain items, not knowing that doing so can endanger the life or limb of another person, or even themselves. Creating tags that are made using this particular label material can help keep such warnings and safety reminders intact since removing the entire sticker or label will prove to be tedious and pointless. This will help keep people safe since these tags are going to be generally intact due to the fact that you cannot remove it easily.

To prevent rebranding of your products – yes, some companies do purchase items that they rebrand as their own. Using labels that fall apart when any attempt to remove them is made can help discourage such “pirates” from taking over your product and calling it their own. Having these destructible vinyl labels on your products will make it too labor intensive to remove, thereby making such entities think twice about hi-jacking your items. Even when they think that overlapping your labels with theirs can work, the telltale bulge of an existing label underneath will alert whoever is buying the item to the fact that the item they are getting is a rebranded one.

For price stickers to prevent price swapping – a number of companies and retail outlets use these destructible stickers in vinyl and paper variants for their price tags. This is to prevent the possibility of price swapping. Price swapping is an act where an individual takes the lower priced sticker tag of one product and swaps it with the higher priced sticker tag of another product. They do this to get the costlier item at a lower price, thereby cheating the company and the retailer. You can see these tags almost anywhere, and trying to remove these in the store can be a very tedious task, which can alert store personnel to what you are doing since it will take longer than just a few seconds due to the destructible nature of the tag.

To stop a person from tampering with internal wiring and electronics of a warrantied item – you may find these stickers attached to certain electronic devices that come with warranties, and these say that your warranty will be voided if these stickers are tampered with. This is to ensure that you don’t experiment with your item and ask the company to repair or replace your item because you toyed with it.

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