Other Options for Customizing Metal Dog Tags

BY Rowena Taylor

Metal Dog TagsWhen people customize the metal dog tags they order, they usually just customize what is written on it. What some people may not realize is that these dog tags can actually be personalized in so many ways, and not just in what is being printed on it. You want to know what else you can actually tweak and personalize on these tags? Here are some ideas:

Tag material – most of the time, these tags are made using either stainless steel or aluminum. These are great metals to use for these tags, but are not the only types of metals you can use for them. These tags can be made using other types of metals, as long as these are tarnish and rust proof. Examples of other metals that can be used for these tags include copper, bronze, zinc, and brass.

You can also choose to use precious metals for this, if you are thinking of tags that are more like jewelry than just informative tagging pieces. You can choose to have your tags made using gold, silver, and even platinum, if that is what you want. You might need to contact a jeweler at this point since most of the companies that create metal dog tags on a regular basis rarely, if ever, use precious metals for these things.

Tag color – while the most common color being used for these tags is silver (since stainless steel and aluminum are the most commonly used metals for these), you can actually have your tags colored in whatever shade you want. Some tags can be had with a golden tinge (using brass, bronze or copper), or can be colored according to what you want, with the use of coloring agents that blend well with the metal being used. You can easily numerous dog tags that come in such colors as blue, red, green, pink, and so on.

Tag size – while there is a standard size for military style dog tags, since you are not planning on using these customized tags for that purpose, you can veer away from the norm and have these crafted in sizes that you feel will suit your particular need. You can have these created bigger than what is the usual size for dog tags, or you can have these crafted to be smaller.

The usual reason for changing the size is due to the copy that is to go onto these tags, as well as the purpose for these very things. For instance, if these are to be used as key chains, then companies can choose to increase the size slightly to make these easier to handle and more like keychains than dog tags. These can also be made really big in order to carry more information on them, as the company sees fit, and for other purposes like bag tags and the like.

Tag shape – regulation dog tags have the prescribed oval shape that everyone is familiar with, but if you choose to create tags that are slightly different (or even totally different) from this norm, you might want to consider other shapes. You can have these tags crafted into a more rectangular than oval shape, but still with rounded edges for safety purposes. You can also have these shaped into circles, as was the original shape of these tags when they were first issued to the military, and into other shapes that you might want. 

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