Other Alternatives to Destructible Vinyl Labels

Destructible Vinyl LabelsIf you are looking to use a tag that can help prevent theft from happening, then a destructible vinyl label is one of your best options for this. You can find out even before the item is stolen that someone is planning on pilfering it when you see these tags being tampered with. Since these labels fall apart when someone tries to remove these, you can easily see before any theft occurs that someone has attempted to remove such a tag.

The reason why these labels show you that they are being tampered with is because these cannot be removed in one piece. For a person to effectively remove any trace of the tag, they have to remove a few dozen small pieces that are firmly stuck to the item, and to do so will take time. If they do persist in doing so, someone will notice since you cannot take this kind of a tag off that easily.

This is not the only tag that can be used to deter theft however. There are others that can be used in its stead, if you are thinking that these are not ideal for your needs. Here are some other options that may work better for you:

Tamper-evident – while destructible vinyl labels are a kind of tamper-evident label, this particular designation is used on labels that leave behind a sticky residue that is highly visible and can only be removed with the use of a special kind of solvent or remover. These are those labels that when removed after being attached will leave a red or blue trace with the words VOID all over what is left behind.

Heavy Duty Adhesive – there are some adhesives that are easy to remove, and can even be reattached elsewhere. There are also some adhesives that stick so well to an item that no matter how you try to remove it, it won’t budge at all. And for you to effectively take this off whatever item it is sticking to, you will need to use a special kind of remover that the manufacturer of such a label will have to provide.

Riveted tagsmetal tags that you don’t want to be easily removed from whatever items these are on can be attached to these things with the use of rivets. These are very difficult to remove and will actually require a very specific tool for removal. Using rivets on your tags will indeed help deter theft since these will clearly show who owns such an item because these are very difficult to take off. You will need to drill holes in the item however if you are to use rivets since these do need holes to be aligned with the holes on the tags for proper attachment.

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