Options That May Not Be Available When Ordering Custom Metal Plates

Custom Metal PlatesWhen you order your custom metal plates, first off, you will be presented with numerous options for customization. Some of the options you will find yourself being presented with include choices for materials to be used, what printing or marking method to be utilized, and what sizes these plates are to be. You will also be asked whether or not you will be using adhesives with these, or if you would rather have holes drilled into these metal plates.

You will also find yourself being asked how many of these you need, what designs or information will go on these plates, and what colors these will be. Of course, as many as your customization options are, there are some restrictions and limitations to what can be done. Depending on which manufacturer you approach for your custom metal plates, you will find that not everything you want can actually be done.

There are limitations to what can be done when you have customization requests for your metal nameplates. Here are some of the more common ones that people ask for, and what may not be offered by your standard metal nameplate maker:

The use of precious metals for the creation of nameplates – more often than not, when precious and semi-precious metals are needed for certain custom plates, standard nameplate makers often point customers to jewelers for this. This is because of the fact that while metal nameplate manufacturers do work with metals all the time, these precious and semi-precious metals are made in a different way and requires specialists to craft them properly. Gold, silver, platinum, and other similarly expensive metals are seldom part of a nameplate maker’s choice of metals.

Plating metal nameplates with gold or silver – silver and gold plating are also out of the question when it comes to the creation of custom metal nameplates. If a customer needs to have their plates coated with these precious metals, they can still have the base plate crafted by the nameplate maker (usually out of metals like brass, steel, or bronze), and they can have these plated themselves by approaching a company that specializes in plating such items.

The embedding of precious gems and other similar stones – whether it is a semi-precious stone, a precious one, or even a fake one, embedding gems in metal plates is also something that metal nameplate makers seldom do. They often point customers in the direction of gem experts or jewelers who can do this for them.

These are some of the limitations that are present when it comes to the customization of metal plates that most metal nameplate manufacturers inform customers of. If you have any questions as to what we can and cannot do for you regarding your custom metal nameplates, please do contact us so we can answer your queries.

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