Name Tags and Name Plates Used by Customer Service Personnel

Name TagsIf your work involves dealing with customers day in and day out, then you are in the customer service industry. Whether you are in a hotel, in a department store, in a grocery store, or in a restaurant, you are generally seen as a customer service person. People who work in this industry usually have tags that tell people who they are, what their position is, and what they do. This is to help give customers a sense of familiarity with the people helping them with their needs, and can essentially make them trust the person with these needs.

When you talk about name tags that are used by people in this industry, the general design is a rectangular tag that is often worn on the left side of the person’s shirt. These rectangular tags can carry a number of things, but the most common design you can see is the one where the person’s name is engraved on it. The name that you will usually see on such tags is the person’s nickname, although there are instances where the name written on the tag is the full name of the individual.

Sometimes, these tags can be made in a different shape. This is dependent on what the establishment wants these to come in, and the shapes that they use include oval, round, and customized ones that help people easily determine what establishment they are at. There are quite a few unique looking tags that come in shapes that do tell you where a person works, particularly if the establishment is a popular one. For example, an Irish pub or restaurant can have their personnel wearing name badges in the shape of a clover, and a speed dating venue can have their personnel wearing name tags that are in the shape of hearts.

These tags can also carry a person’s designation under their name. You can see such positions as manager, food service, mechanic, and supervisor on these tags, to mention a few. You may also see service tag lines on these, such as How May I Help You or Service With a Smile.

Apart from these lapel badges, you will also find those who work in the customer service industry using name plates on their desks or tables. These however need not carry the person’s name, just their designation or what can be done at that table. The most common you can see are those that are marked Reception, Cashier, Information, and Concierge. These are placed on counters, desks, and pedestals to show people who to approach when they need additional help.

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