Mounting Options for Your Decorative Trim Plates

Decorative Trim Plates

Ordering and having your decorative trim plates is just the first step in getting these plates ready for use. The next thing you will have to consider is how these are to be mounted. You should even consider these mounting options while designing your plates since some of the mounting choices you have for these may require the creation of holes in some areas of these plates.

Some of the mounting options you have for these metal nameplates include the following:

Double Sided Adhesive Tape – adhesive tape can come in many thicknesses and strengths, with some having an industrial strength stickiness that lets you stick your plates effectively to wherever you want to stick these on and have these stay on securely. These can only be used on surfaces that are smooth, clean and non-porous. These tapes can only be removed effectively and without leaving any residue if you use a chemical adhesive remover on it.

Screws – if you are thinking of using screws as your mounting for these plates, you will need to have holes drilled in your plates. Depending on what the shape of your plate is and where you think the screws will be able to hold the plate securely, you can have holes for these crafted or drilled on your plates. You can choose to have one hole, two holes or four holed drilled into these plates. For those plates with special shapes, try to envision where the screw holes are best placed, both for design purposes and for secure mounting.

Velcro Backing – this is ideal for when you want to have the option to remove these plates. Velcro is great when these plates need to be moved from one place to another. This is also ideal for those who change the position or placement of their decorative trim plates whenever needed. Velcro strips are attached to the back of these plates and the partner strips of either the hooks or loops used to attach these to each other is then glued to the area where these plates are to be mounted.

Magnetic Strips – magnetic strips are also used as mounting choices for these plates and are used on plates that can be moved or are given out as giveaways in the form of refrigerator magnets. These magnetic strips are attached to the backs of these decorative trim plates with the use of adhesives that ensure these magnets are indeed held securely in place. Aside from use on plates crafted for giveaways, these can also be used on plates that can be interchanged or moved when necessary.

Silicon Adhesive – this kind of an adhesive is often used when decorative metal plates need to be attached to porous substances or rough surfaces. If your plates are to be attached to these kinds of surfaces, the use of a silicon adhesive may be what you need in order to securely attach these decorative trim plates to your surfaces.

These are just some of the mounting options you can consider for your metal nameplates. There are still a few more options available to you, and these include hanging sign brackets, door sign brackets, desk holders and many more.

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