More Unique Ideas for Military Style Dog TagsMilitary Style Dog Tags

Okay, so are you ready for another round of ideas for the alternative uses for military style dog tags? As we mentioned earlier in a blog about the other uses of dog tags, these handy little tags can be used as small information cards for various purposes. These can be used on bags, pets and even kids to help inform people of who to contact in case these are lost.

Aside from providing people with information, these tags can actually be used for a whole lot of other things. These can be used as fashion accessories, as giveaways and even as gifts for those who find these little tags somewhat fascinating. Here are some more ideas for you to consider:

Dog Tag Ideas

  • Fashion Accessories – with the huge number of manufacturing methods being used to customize dog tags these days, you can be sure that using one or two of these on a chain or cord around your neck as a fashion accessory has long been done many times around. Why not join the bandwagon and sport your own custom dog tag around your neck? Create your own fashion statement with a unique engraving or print on your own tag. Don’t stop at neckpieces. You can actually go all out and create a whole line of accessories using dog tags! Order dog tags in many different colors and with many different engravings on them, and attach these all to a chain bracelet in order to create a unique charm bracelet. You can order a pair of these and make these into earrings. How about a bangle of dog tags connected end to end with the use of rings inserted into adjacent holes on both ends of each tag? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
  • Marketing Giveaways – now who says dog tags cannot be used as marketing tools? We don’t and neither should you. Order dog tags to carry your company’s logo, brand and what-have-you and give these away as promotional items during a product launch, as part of a sales promo or as a giveaway for a company event. Go one step further and have these tags customized with the recipient’s name with the use of a handy engraver or have these shipped to them customized in exchange for a contact address and number (great idea for building a mailing address with).

Custom Dog Tag Ideas

  • Customized Gifts – remember the idea we pitched to you in our first blog about dog tags and about using these as identification tags? Well, you can use that idea again but this time around use it for creating gifts with. Give your family and friends customized military style dog tags that they can use as key tags, as identification tags for their personal belongings and as tags that can be used for emergency purposes. Have their name engraved and stamped on one side and their contact information on the other side, then present this to them in a small, jewelry sized gift box.