Military Style Dog Tags: Gift and Novelty Ideas

Military Style Dog Tags

Gone are the days where military style dog tags are exclusively used by those in the service. These days, you can easily use these tags anywhere and for whatever purpose you deem necessary. Some people use these as tags for pets, others for bag tags, and still a few more for decorative reasons. These tags have become rather versatile in terms of use and design, that you can actually see these being used for so many purposes that include ideas you never thought dog tags could be used for.

Military style dog tags can be used for many different things, and can actually be made using a wide variety of metals and material combinations. What you choose to use, and what your dog tag designs are, will depend on factors such as budget, purpose and the capabilities of the manufacturer that you choose to work with. To help you see just how versatile these tags can be, here are some rather radical ideas that people have already used these tags for (and you might want to consider using yourself):

Dog tag jewelry – you can have your dog tags made using semi-precious and precious metal, and crafted in smaller sizes so that these can be used as jewelry. You can even have precious and semi-precious stones embedded in these tags to increase their decorative as well as monetary value. These tags can be given as gifts and can be placed in a velvet lined box either with a bracelet chain or necklace chain. These can also be given out without the chain, which indicates that the recipient can choose to use these any way they want.

Membership Tags – these dog tags can be crafted for clubs, organizations and associations who want their members to have a token that shows they are indeed members. These can also be made using precious and semi-precious metals to help make these more of a keepsake for those who do get into your guild or group. These tags can carry your motto, club or group name, member’s name and other similar information. These can also be given out in velvet lined boxes during inductions and can be hung by members around their necks, on their wrists or attached to key chains.

Wedding giveaways – if you want the guests at your wedding to have a unique memento from your special day, dog tags with your names and the date of the event on one tag, as well as an etching of you and your spouse’s image on the other tag might be an idea worth considering. This unique giveaway can be used by those who are in the service, and those who are not as well. You can give these away at the end of the reception in small gift boxes.

Dog tag bottle openers – dog tags often come in pairs, and you can have one tag made in the usual way while the other has a cutout that can enable you to open bottlecaps with it. These can be given out to friends at Christmas, on their birthdays or simply as a token of friendship. These can be hung from a chain around the neck or attached to a key fob for convenience.

These are just a few of the radical ideas you can use for dog tags that can be given out to others as gifts. Other ideas that we have pointed out in the past include medical tags, child identification tags and even pet tags. What other radical ideas can you think of when it comes to customized military style dog tags?

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