Military Style Dog Tags: Different Printing Methods That Can Be Used for Customization

Military Style Dog Tags

When you talk about military style dog tags, the first thing that probably pops into your head is those tags that are marked with embossed letters and numbers. The dog tags that are used by the armed forces are indeed marked using an embossing method that results in words and numbers that are tactile. When you customize your dog tags, the printing methods that you can choose are rather numerous.

The printing or marking style you choose for your dog tag will usually depend on the design that you choose to use for it. The purpose of the tag will also play a part in what kind of marking method you choose. Here are some marking methods that can be used for your customized dog tags:

Embossing – this is the usual marking method used for dog tags and is often chosen due to its tactility. This can be used when you are thinking of having simple designs added to your tags and when alpha-numeric characters are all you need to have added to your dog tags. You can combine this particular marking method with others that can help add color to your tags, if you so desire.

Stonewear Process – this is a marking method that ensures your designs stay on your tags for a very long time. Due to the process that involves the baking-on of the design onto the tag plus the addition of a protective coating, anything that is created with this particular marking method is sure to have a long life along with fine details and numerous colors.

Stamping – another method that is used for marking dog tags, this one is the reverse of embossing, with the characters on the tags being recessed instead of being raised. Stamping is a pretty simple marking method and can even be achieved with the use of hand tools and portable metal marking devices. This can be your marking method if you are planning on creating dog tags to mark items with your company generated codes by yourself.

Etching – you can also choose to etch your designs on your customized dog tags for added durability. Using the power of acids, this method can create durable marks on your tags which can also be enhanced with painted on colors or inks. You can choose this method when you want durable and decorative dog tags.

Photosensitizing – this is a method that can be used on aluminum dog tags, and uses a process that embeds the colors and designs into the aluminum itself. This can be used to create numerous tags of the same design in a short period of time.