Metal Tags or Labels: Which is Best for Your Inventory and Asset Tags?

Inventory and asset tagsWhen it comes to your inventory and asset tag needs, there is one thing that you need to decide on before these are crafted. This is the material that will be used for such tags. Since there are quite a few options for you to pick from, let us first tackle the two main categories – label-type materials and metal tag materials.

Which of these two is the best option for your tagging needs? To determine this, here are some things you need to consider:

Exposure of the tag – will these tags be exposed to harsh conditions and inclement weather? If they are, you might need to consider using more sturdy and durable tags like those made out of metal. Of course, there are a few label materials that can also survive the ravages of the weather, like Lexan and Mylar. Some tags however may find themselves exposed to really high heat or extremely cold weather, and this is where metal tags can be considered. Equipment that need to be tagged for inventory and asset tracking purposes should carry tags that will last long in order for these to be properly kept track of no matter what conditions it faces.

Surface of the item it is used on – not all surfaces are flat and smooth, or easy to adhere to. This is why some tags need to come in pliable materials like those used in the creation of labels. There are also times when adhesives are not the best tools to use for attaching these tags to such items, and only screws or rivets will do, which also plays a part in the selection of the materials needed for such tags. Metal tags are great when you need a really tough tag for your items, but if the surface is such that a metal tag cannot be easily attached to such an item, other durable label materials may be considered.

What will go on the tag – you will also need to consider what printing methods are to be used on the copy that is to go on your tag. Some designs may require special printing methods like etching or engraving, which may require the use of metal tags. Others may simply need digital printing or silk screening, which can be done on any tag material. Some may require the use of special metals, particularly if the marking method that is needed for your design or print is photosensitizing, which will need anodized metal for it to work.

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