Metal Dog Tags for Medical Purposes

Metal Dog TagsDid you know that dog tags can actually be made to carry more than just information about a person in the armed services? Metal dog tags are so versatile, that these can be used to carry any type of information that is useful to the wearer. One such type of dog tag that is seeing a lot of use is the medical identification tag.

The purpose of a medical identification tag is to give any emergency medical professional the kind of information that is needed to help keep the person wearing it from getting worse. In other words, these tags are basically life savers. The information on these tags may include what kinds of conditions a person has, what allergies they have, and contact numbers of family or loved ones, in case of an emergency.

Why are these tags deemed necessary when a person has a condition? You will never know when an accident will occur, and it is better for emergency responders to have information they can use to aid the victim with, particularly when the patient is unconscious and there is no one to ask about any underlying conditions.

 Apart from being able to give the person the emergency care that they need, these tags can also alert medical personnel to what they should avoid doing or giving to the person. For example, if a patient is allergic to a specific kind of medication, like ibuprofen, it can be stated on their medical tag so that whoever is administering first aid won’t give this to the patient. This will help prevent anything catastrophic from happening, like adding anaphylactic shock to an already distressed and injured individual.

There are quite a few different types of medical identification tags that can be made for people who need them. One type carries all medical information about the patient on a stainless steel or sterling silver tag in an engraved inscription. This is readable without the need for special equipment so paramedics can easily know what to avoid, what to do, and how to treat a patient.

There is also a type where the information found on the tag is an identification code and a toll-free phone number. This type of a medical metal dog tag instructs the emergency responder to contact the number and to give the identification code to whoever answers the call. They will then be given the patient’s medical history, which will include conditions, allergies, prior treatments, and even information for their next of kin.

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