Metal Dog Tags and the Information They Can Carry

Dog TagsMetal dog tags are primarily tags worn around the neck by people in the armed forces. These are usually made out of aluminum or stainless steel, and can carry important information on them. Depending on what branch of the armed services you belong to, your tags will carry information that each branch designates as required on these.

For example, if you are a member of the Navy or Air Force, you will find your tags carrying your name, social security number, blood type, and religion on it. For Marines, tags will carry almost the same information, sans the blood type but with the addition of your branch and what size gasmask you wear on one line. Those in Special Forces will have black tags that carry almost the same information as well, but with their group at the bottom.

When you customize dog tags for your personal needs, you can do quite a bit with these. You can choose what kind of information these will carry, and whether or not what is written on these is important and vital info. You can even choose to simply have a quote or a statement on these tags, or just the name of a loved on engraved on it.

Some people choose to use these tags for other purposes that are as important as those that are used by people in the armed services. For example, when a person has a medical condition and has some allergies as well as special needs that have to be taken care of when they get involved in an accident, these tags may come in handy. They should have customized dog tags printed with allergy details, medical condition info, and/or contact details for the person that needs to be contacted in case of emergencies.

These tags can also be used to mark bags, luggage, and other items that you bring with you everywhere. You can have these tags customized to carry your name, address and phone number, in case whatever these are on gets lost and you want it returned. You can also have these same tags used on your pets, with your contact info at the back and the pet’s name engraved in the front.

Metal dog tags are so versatile, you can actually use these for many things, some of which may be mere novelty and others very important. It is all in what you put on these tags that make them what they are – useful tags or decorative ones. You simply need to decide what to use these for and what to put on them to get the use that you require from them.

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