Metal Dog Tags: More Than Just for Military Use

Metal Dog TagsWhen someone mentions “metal dog tags”, the usual image that pops into one’s head is of those tags that people in the service wear around their necks. This is understandable since this is the primary purpose of these tags and is the reason why they were crafted in the first place. This does not mean however that this is the only known use for these tags.

Dog tags have been around for decades and have undergone numerous changes to become what it is today. The first dog tags that were made out of metal were actually round and tied around a person’s neck or wrist with the use of rawhide cord. These tags also carried very little information about the person wearing it, usually just their name and their regimen number.

Present day dog tags carry very specific information on a person, with the different divisions of the armed forces carrying different sets of information on them for distinction. For example, for present day army dog tags, you will find that the information stamped on them start with a person’s last name, followed by their first name and then their middle initial. This is then followed by their blood group and their religion. Navy dog tags, on the other hand, carry a person’s full name on the first line with the surname going on first, then their social security number and their blood group on the second line with their religion being stamped on the last line.

Dog Tags with ChainWhile metal dog tags are generally for military use, as evidenced by what you often see online when you search for dog tags, this is not the only use you get from them. You can actually use these tags for a wide array of purposes, and a lot of these purposes are not connected in any way with the armed forces. In fact, some of these uses are actually pretty decorative and fashionable.

Of course, the primary use of these tags is for identification purposes. Whether you are in the service or not, having these tags on you can be very useful. If you found yourself in an accident and there is no one around who knows you, these tags can serve as information on you and can be used to contact loved ones.

These tags can also be used to carry medical information, which can also be used in the same situation. Medics can determine what kind of emergency help they can and should not give you with the information found on these tags. For example, if your tags say that you are allergic to certain emergency medications, they can avoid these when administering life saving techniques on you.

Metal Dog Tags ColoredIf you have quite a few pin codes, passwords and the like, and are prone to forgetting these at one time or another, having these on a tag around your neck may be a great idea. Having these codes around your neck can also be helpful to family members if and when you should be incapacitated and need them to access certain accounts and storage areas for you. You should tell only a few family members about the information on your dog tags however, specifically those you know you can truly trust.

These many different uses for metal dog tags clearly show that these military tags have come a long way from being used only by people in the armed forces. These can be used by children to help others take them home, pets so that people can return them if they are lost and even luggage should these get left behind or mistakenly grabbed by someone else on the conveyor belt at the airport.

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