Labels and Stickers: Are These Two Different or The Same?

BY Rowena Taylor

Labels and Stickers

People have differing opinions when it comes to labels and stickers, and whether these two are the same or not. Some people say these two are the same mainly because these are self-adhesive tags that are made of light materials such as paper, aluminum foil, and vinyl, to name but a few. Others however say that these two are different due to the differences in use that these two have.

In reality, labels and stickers are both of the above – the same as well as different. How is this possible, you might ask? Well, these two are the same in some aspects, and are different in others. For example, these two are the same in that these can both be made using the same kinds of materials, and can both use the same kind of adhesive. These two are also different because labels have very specific purposes to them, albeit different at times from other labels, but very different from stickers that are usually just used for decorative reasons.

Looking around online for definitions for these two will show you that these are indeed similar and different at the same time. These are both affixed to something, but that labels have a more definite purpose, which is to identify or describe an item, and stickers are simply something that you “stick” onto objects, regardless of purpose. Some people find that using both terms for labels is easier, and that is generally fine, since labels can be called stickers too.

When it comes to labels, you will find that there are many different types for many different uses. Some can carry more information than others, while a few more have features that make these effective for other purposes. Here are some labels and stickers that you can choose to use for your business or other needs:

Aluminum Foil Labels – these labels are often used for product branding and marking. These use thin sheets of aluminum, or aluminum foil, hence the name. These can be printed on, stamped, silkscreened and many more. You can also print barcodes, images and long text on these labels, depending on where you will be using these.

Destructible Vinyl Labels – these are labels, as the name implies, that fall apart when they are tampered with. Sometimes called tamper-evident labels, these are used for asset tracking as well as theft prevention. You can see these tags attached to products in stores with barcodes on them, and the destructible part is for the prevention of possible theft, which some people try to do by removing the tags from the items and slipping these into their bags. When the tags prove to be difficult to remove in one piece, people often give up on the idea of pilfering altogether.

Polyester Labels – these are rather durable labels and are chosen by those who need tags that are easy to apply but won’t deteriorate fast when exposed to harsh conditions or changing weather. These tags can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can withstand UV rays, rain, dirt, grime, and sometimes, even chemicals. For these labels to stay stuck to whatever item they are attached to, you might want to consider using a heavy-duty adhesive for this.

These are but a few of the labels and stickers that you can choose to use for whatever purpose you may have. You can call these stickers, you can call these labels, and what you call them is usually dependent on what use you have for these tags. Since these are highly customizable, you can do whatever you want with these. You can even choose to call them sticker labels, if you want. 

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