Labels and Decals: Effective Marketing Tools

BY Rowena Taylor

Labels and Decals

Did you know that your labels and your decals are actually great tools for marketing? Stickers, labels and decals are often used to tag items, but did you know that these can actually go beyond the simple marking of your products? Did you know that creating decals that can be used elsewhere can also be great marketing instruments?

It is understood that labels, when attached to your products and seen by many on shelves in stores everywhere, are actually already doing a great job of promoting your brand. You should be aware however that stopping there is not something you should be doing, and in fact, you should think of using stickers, and decals to further promote your brand. How can you do this? Here are some ideas that you might find useful for your marketing and promotional needs.

Create stickers that people will want to use on other items – you can give these stickers away at places where you sell your products, or have these given out as freebies when someone purchases any of your merchandise. Make your stickers as desirable as possible, and as decorative as you can, while still maintaining its main purpose, and that is to market your brand. This means that your stickers, even when these are more decorative than anything else, should still carry something that shows people your brand, or reminds them of it. A small logo, your brand, or even your slogan, on a small part of the sticker, may do the trick.

Have bumper stickers made for your brand with a catchy phrase that people will love having on their car – funny statements, catchy quotes, and even cool designs on bumper stickers can encourage people to unwittingly help market your brand for you by sticking these onto their cars. You can have a bumper sticker campaign, and hand out stickers for vehicles in the parking lot of stores, of your office building, and in places where people will welcome you giving them a free bumper sticker. You can even compel people to have you stick these marketing tools on their vehicles yourself with a special promotional shtick, such as a free product or item from you, or discount coupons, if they allow you to do this.

Stick decals onto cheap, plain looking items and give these out as freebies to people who buy your products – items like drinking glasses, tumblers, shot glasses, mugs, and the like, can be made to look infinitely appealing with the use of well designed, and well thought-out, marketing decals. You can create special looking items by simply having decals with your company’s logo, slogan, mascot, or a specific brand that you manufacture, printed for this specific purpose, and you can then stick these decals onto low-cost items to make them look like they were specially made for your consumers. You can then stick these onto special “promo packs” that will entice people to buy your product instead of the ones being sold by your competitor.

These are just a few ideas that you can work with when it comes to labels and decals being used for marketing purposes. Other ideas that you can utilize include having decals made for store windows, stickers made for kids to stick everywhere, and many more. 

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