Labels, Stickers and Other Self Adhesive Products for Your Business

Labels Stickers

Depending on your particular need or the requirements your company may have, there is a sticker and a label made for such a need. Labels, stickers and other self adhesive products are used for a lot of things, from decorative to branding to asset tracking and inventory. Each task and goal can be achieved with the help of a particular type of label or sticker and all you need to do is to choose the right one for your exact need.

Labels and stickers can be made using a wide variety of materials. You can choose the kind of material you want or need, depending again on where these are to be used and the purpose of such self-adhesive tags. Some of the more popular materials used for stickers and labels include aluminum foil, paper, polyester, vinyl and polycarbonate.

The type of material you choose for your label or sticker will oftentimes dictate how these will look, how durable they are and how these are used. Sometimes, the purpose of the sticker will dictate what material you should choose for it. For example, if you want your stickers to break away when tampered with, you should opt for destructible vinyl or other similar materials for your labels or stickers.

Barcoded Labels

For inventory and tracking purposes, the labels you may opt for include those with barcodes or tracking numbers. The use of barcodes and numbers on such labels will allow you to easily keep track of inventory without having to go through the trouble of writing down descriptions and names for each item you want to account for. Barcodes are also ideal for when you have a large inventory that you need to list down and having barcodes on these labels and tags will allow you to speed up record keeping by simply scanning these codes with the use of a portable scanner come inventory time.

Labels, stickers and other tagging products often come with self-adhesive backs, making them easy to use and to stick to items that need to be labeled or tagged. While some tags are attached to the products they are to mark with the use of twist ties and string, these days, most companies choose to use tags with self-adhesive backs for convenience. If they wish that these stickers be easy to remove and not leave any residue behind on the item, they can choose to purchase stickers with an adhesive that allows for easy removal that won’t leave any mark or residue behind.