Information You Can Put on Your Identification Plates

Identification PlatesIdentification plates and products can be used in many different ways and for many different reasons. These can come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and even materials. You can use metals for these as well as a number of sticker type materials when customizing. Another thing you can do when you customize these plates is to add information that you want people to see on these. The information you put on these can be as simple as your company’s logo, or as complex as rules for operating equipment.

When you customize identification plates, you can add whatever information you want these tags to have. Since these tags can be made in almost any size, you can add a lot of things to your tags, and this includes:

Company Information – you can add your company’s address, contact information, website, and logo to your identification tags. Your identification plates can carry a lot of information about your company, such as your company’s catch phrase, and even an image or drawing of your company’s mascot. What you put on your tags regarding your company’s information can be as minimal as you want or as elaborate as you want.

Product Information – this can also be as simple or as complete as you want it to be. Some businesses choose to add in as much information as possible about the product, such as voltage restrictions, usage restrictions, basic instructions for use, and many more. Some include detailed information for proper usage as well, and this can include what to do and what not to do with the product. Depending on what the product is, you may also find plates carrying information about the composition of the item. This can be composed of ingredients or of components.

Tracking Information – for tracking, your identification plates can either have barcodes on them, or alphanumeric information that can help when tracking is needed. The alphanumeric information that is usually found on these plates are serial and model numbers that help when you need to have the item fixed, replaced, or if you want to troubleshoot it yourself. This information can also help when you need to find out whether or not your item is still within its warranty period. This very same tracking information is also used when a massive product recall is required by the company, since these numbers are sequential and can be easily tracked to a specific batch.

These are just a few of the things that you can add to your identification plates. If you want, you can actually include all of the above-mentioned information on your plates to give your customers the kind of detailed info they may want from a product.

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