Industries That Use Customized Scales and Dials

Scales and Dials

Customized scales and dials are actually more common than you think. While some people may believe that only a few businesses and industries have their dials and scales customized, in reality, quite a number of these entities actually use custom scales and dials. What are the industries that have these customized dials and scales and what do they use these for? Here are a few of the industries that find a lot of uses for these scales and dials:

Oil and Gas Industry - Probably one of the industries that uses these scales and dials is the oil and gas industry, and the reason is probably quite obvious. Oil and gas companies use these for a number of reasons and applications. You can find these customized gauges on oil platforms, in refineries, pipelines and tankers. The need for customized dials or scales for these applications is due to the numerous activities that this industry engages in. From exploration to production and to transportation, different kinds of gauges that use custom dials or scales are definitely required.

Chemical Manufacturing – Companies that produce the many different chemicals that numerous industries also use are also businesses that use customized dials and scales. These companies need these for their chemical processes and for other applications. One of the important uses of the gauges that use these scales and dials is to help prevent the possibility by helping workers who use them keep a close eye on the rise and fall of these gauges.

Water Supply and Water Treatment – This particular industry uses custom scales and dials for numerous applications. Some of these include the monitoring of the filtration process, measuring the water levels in holding tanks, use in booster and pumping stations, and for controlling the pressure of water mains. These scales and dials are also used on measuring instruments that are employed in digesters, compressed air tanks, overfill basins and many more.

Power and Energy – This sector also sees itself using quite a lot of custom dials and scales. These can be found on a number of machinery and equipment used for creating as well as distributing power. Some of these include turbines, compressors, transformers, generators and pumps. The measuring equipment used by this industry benefit from these gauges since these help regulate as well as keep track of consumption and distribution.

Calibration and Testing – Businesses that focus on the calibration and testing of equipment, products and services all use gauges that have specialized scales as well as dials on them. These include businesses that manufacture machine parts, precision instruments, electronics and other consumer goods. The need for accurate gauges by industries that conduct such tests is to help ensure that all items released to the populace are up to industry standards as well as safety standards.

Sanitation – This industry also sees itself using customized gauges that carry specially made scales or dials in them. These are used for temperature tracking, pressure measurements, flow measurements and many more. You can also find these special gauges used on holding tanks, sanitation and sterilization vats and many more.

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