Identification Products and the Different Roles These Play

Identification ProductsWhen you discuss identification products, it is but natural to think that these help identify whatever items these are attached to. And, you are right. Identification products do identify what these are attached to. What you might not realize is that these actually have more than just one role, and that these identify more than just the item’s brand.

Depending on what identification product you are looking at, you will find that each type actually has a variety of information on them. Even specific types of identification tags have different kinds of information on them. For instance, a model and serial plate, which is a plate used to identify the model and the serial number of a product, can be different on one item and different on another. This is not just from brand to brand but from item type to item type, even if these belong to just one particular brand.

To help you understand what some of these identification tags are and what role these actually play, here are some of the more well-known ones:

Barcodes and UID plates and labels –these can be found on almost anything you purchase, and this is often used when you need to know how much the item is. Aside from pricing, these tags are also used to help identify where these are made, what these are made of, and many more. The lines and dots on these codes carry a wealth of information and these can be read by humans with the use of a scanner that is connected to a computer screen, which can then show you these details after the tag is scanned.

Model and Serial plates – these are used to help identify specific models and individual pieces that belong to a batch that a company manufactures. What these tags are used for include identification of batches that may have a general defect, for troubleshooting purposes, and for warranty needs. These can also be used for branding needs as well as for putting the company’s contact information on their products.

Warning tags and labels – these are used to warn people of the dangers that may come with a specific item. These also warn people of what not to do to avoid any harm from such a product. These tags can also be used to tell people what they should do to help keep the product intact, as with warning tags and labels found on electronics, clothing, and appliances.

These are just a few of the many types of identification items that you can use for your business. What other identification products do you use and for what purpose?

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