How to Utilize Promotional Plates for Added Product Value

Promotional PlatesWhen people purchase anything, they always look for added value and this can come in any form. This can come in the shape of free delivery, discount coupons or vouchers, and free extra items. Everybody loves to receive free stuff, and if you are thinking of adding value to your products or services, you should consider using promotional plates that are customized to give added value to what you are selling.

How can you use these metal nameplates to incorporate added value to your product and business? Here are some ideas worth looking into:

  • Create products that are made out of metal and are useful, which also carry your brand or logo. Some of the possibilities include rulers, protractors, bookmarkers, and metal coasters. These can be handed out during special events, used as freebies for a specific purchase amount, and even as giveaways on special packs. These can be made using either aluminum or stainless steel, but if you want a more old-world look, you can use bronze or brass for these.
  • Add specially designed metal plates to generic products that can be given out to loyal customers. The items that you can add these specially manufactured plates to are rather numerous and can be dependent on factors like your budget, what is compatible with your product and your brand, and what you feel your target market will want. Examples of such items include cookie jars, decorative tins, coffee mugs and tumblers, wooden cigarette cases, and even pewter jewelry boxes.
  • Create discount cards using these metal tags, which people can use every time they purchase something from your store. You can create different kinds of discount cards that people can purchase or avail of with a set of rules that you give them. For example, if they purchase a lower amount, they can get discount cards in aluminum with a lower discount value. If they purchase a higher amount, they can get a stainless steel card that has a higher value than that of the aluminum one, and so on. You can make the bronze or brass card the variant that allows them to get a higher discount on their next purchase, but this will cost them a bit more during their initial purchase or they need to pay a premium to avail of such a card.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use to add more value to what you are selling and to what your company is offering its customers. Using promotional plates that are specially made for this purpose can help increase not only revenues, but also brand recognition and loyalty.

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