How to Use Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial PlatesIf you own a car, or have large electronics at home, or even have a lawn mower, then chances are you’ve seen these tags. Model and serial plates are easy enough to identify primarily because these don’t really change that much in look from one item to another. Granted that these may come in many different designs and configurations, but two of the more important elements on these tags, the model and serial number, are often a common denominator among all of these tags.

These model and serial numbers are often used to help people ask for help from the companies that make these items. It is sometimes required by the company that you inform them of the serial and model information found on these plates, primarily to help them easily find troubleshooting and repair information in their database. It is also used to check whether the item is still within its warranty period, and can be replaced or fixed without additional charges being made on the item owner.

In order for you to properly give the company representative the information they need, you should first know where to find these tags. Next, you will need to locate the serial number and the model number on these tags. You may also need to find additional information on your item, which will be instructed to you by the customer service personnel you are talking to.

These two identifiers can be very easy to locate, if your plates are made in English, since these will often be beside the words Serial No. and Model No. on the plate. If these items are made elsewhere however, like in Japan or Germany, there is a huge chance that these identifiers are written in the language of the manufacturer. While the numbers and letters used to identify these may be in the usual alphanumeric symbols you are familiar with, the words Serial No. and Model No. may not be.

For you to identify these easily, you may want to search online for guides to finding these. If you find the guides are in the language of the manufacturer too, you can use Google translate to help you with finding where these are. You can also try to call their local hotline and ask for instructions on where to locate these important alphanumeric or numeric combinations on these products.

When you find these, you can then give the customer service agent the information needed to find the troubleshooting instructions for your item, or to determine if you are qualified for a replacement for your item. Once you know where to find these on your model and serial plates, you will be able to get the kind of help you need for your product.

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