How to Make Attractive Custom Metal Plates

Making good looking metal plates for your branding needs requires that you have someone create custom plates that can easily carry your brand with aplomb. Putting together an attractive metal plate for your marketing and branding needs can be a very easy task if you know how to go about doing so. There are a number of factors that you need to put into consideration and this includes how the plate is manufactured, what components are placed on these plates and what colors you choose to use.

Manufacturing method – there are a number of methods that can be used to create lovelyEtched Metal Plates looking nameplates for your businesses. One of the most popular methods that most manufacturers use is the etching method. When you etch your nameplates, you basically have acid eat away at the metal to form sunken surfaces that show the design you want. This design is then filled in with paint to make the design more prominent.

Photosensitive PlatesAnother popular method for making attractive and stunning nameplates is via the photographic or photosensitized process. These nameplates are called photosensitive plates and are made by actually printing images, letters and such onto metal plates to create a durable yet stunningly vibrant looking metal plate. Since the images are made by embedding the aluminum plates with the colors that are needed to create the look you want, these are highly durable and won’t fade as fast as other plates manufactured some other way.

Also part of the list of favored metal processing methods used for creating good looking metal nameplates is the stonewear process. To create the images that are on plates, the design is first printed on then baked at really high temperatures then the plate is coated with a coating that helps protect the print and the plate from scratches, fading and deterioration. This method is the one you want when you are looking for a manufacturing method that can give you fine detail reproduction.

Designs and copy – also an important part of your considerations when putting together anMetal Plate Logo attractive custom nameplate is what goes on it. You will need to create a very eye-catching design for your brand. If you have a logo, make good use of that logo and put it on your metal plate to help with brand and logo recognition. If you have unique fonts for your brand name, use those as well. Find the best possible design to put on your plates in order for these to be effective in marketing.

Color – this is also considered one of the more important factors that you need to take note of when you put together a metal plate for your brand. Make sure that the colors you use are crisp and clear. This will make these more noticeable and will make your designs jump out of these plates. Also crisper and clearer colors will not look faded nor fade too easily even with constant exposure to the elements.