How to Keep Your Etched Signs From Becoming Dirty and Dull

Etched Signs and PlaquesHaving an etched sign or a commemorative plaque outside your office or in your building’s entryway is indeed a sight to behold. It can show people a number of things, like who founded your company, when your company started, and other similar achievements that your company wants to highlight. As impressive as a commemorative plaque or etched sign may be, it can only be a good sight to see when it is clean and well-kept.

When an etched plaque or sign becomes rather dull and dingy, no matter how impressive the details on it may be, the dirt and grime can detract from what is supposed to be a story of greatness. You need to maintain these plaques and signs in such a way that they retain their original, shiny and impressive look. The way to go about doing this is to have a maintenance plan for such an important metal nameplate.

When you first get your commemorative plaque or sign, and before it is even installed where you plan to have it installed, you need to have your maintenance plan in place. This plan will help keep such an important part of your business from deteriorating and from diminishing the achievements of your business in the eyes of others. Having this plaque well maintained over the months and years will help keep it from becoming dull and looking unimpressive, giving it the kind of importance it deserves.

A maintenance plan is not that difficult to put together. You simply need to create a schedule for when these commemorative signs or plaques need to be cleaned thoroughly, which is essentially once every six months. In between these major cleaning schedules, you need to have someone wipe off your plaques daily to remove dust and moisture, which may build up and make your plaques look dull.

Allowing the buildup of grime on your plaques and signs not only makes it look lackluster, but it will also slowly make the metals deteriorate. Keeping your etched signs and plaque clean by having these wiped down daily, and by having a major cleaning scheduled every six months, will help keep it looking as good as the day you first got it. Doing this will not only give you an etched sign or plaque that is aesthetically pleasing, but will also give you one that won’t need to be replaced or will need major cleaning and repair work done to it anytime soon.

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