How to Keep Your Etched Nameplates Well Maintained

Cleaning Etched Metal Nameplates

In order to keep anything you own or use in tip-top condition, one of the things you need to have in place is a maintenance schedule. A maintenance schedule is ideal for many things, from vehicles to appliances to equipment and even for signs and nameplates. When it comes to etched nameplates, in order to keep these looking as good as the day you first got them, you also need to have a maintenance schedule in place for this.

A maintenance schedule is something you need to plan from the very time you obtain these nameplates and needs to go on until you feel the need to replace these. When replacements are ordered, you will also need to add these to your sign and nameplates maintenance schedule. The schedule you set should be adhered to in order for your nameplates to stay as clean and as good looking as you want these to be.

When creating a maintenance plan and schedule, you need to make certain considerations for the kind of material these plates are made of and how easily these gather dirt. Plates that are placed outdoors need to be maintained more often than those found inside buildings. Plates that are exposed to the elements also deteriorate faster than those that are inside, which means you may need to replace these every so often once when maintenance work can no longer return these to its former glory.

In cleaning etched nameplates, a number of considerations need to be made. While most of these are made out of corrosion resistant metal, some of these metals need special care when it comes to cleaning. Some metals are rather prone to scratches while others are resilient enough to come out without scratches even when rough cloth is used on it.  You will also need to consider how intricate the print on these plates are since you will need to take extra care in cleaning plates that are rather intricate and comes with many different recessed areas.

You will need special tools to help with your maintenance needs. When it comes to taking out the dirt that is stuck in the grooves of your etched nameplates, you will need something that can get into the smallest of grooves but won’t scratch these. One tool that you can use is a wooden cuticle stick, which can get into these grooves but is soft enough to not to scratch the surface of the metal.

You will also need to be able to remove the greasy dirt and grime on these plates. One thing you can use that can be effective on these greasy spots without stripping the metal of its natural look is a gentle dishwashing liquid. This can be mixed with some warm water and should be applied to your metal plates with the use of a soft piece of cloth. This very same type of cloth, but in a dry guise, should also be used to buff off the plate to give it back its sheen.

You can choose to use a metal polish for your etched nameplates, if you wish to give this an added shine. If your plates are in a matte finish, you can omit this step. As long as your plates are well maintained and clean, these will last for as long as it is supposed to last. 

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