How to Enhance Your Domed Labels Designs

Domed LabelsA domed label is not only an excellent tag used to promote and brand your product, but it is also an effective tool used to attract customers. The doming process protects the label while adding depth to the tag while giving it a three-dimensional look at the same time.

How does doming protect your label? The dome is made of transparent polyurethane resin. It is applied thinly onto the surface of the label and is placed in a curing oven to dry. It creates a protective layer that is durable enough to resist extreme indoor and outdoor factors such as dirt, abrasions, moisture, UV light and chemicals.

How does doming make your label design stand out? The doming technique creates a unique three-dimensional design that will not only make your label pop, but also retain its appearance for a long period of time. Domed labels have self-healing properties because of the polyurethane resin. Not only is it resistant to indoor and outdoor harsh conditions, it is also protected from abrasions and impact.

Here are some of the design options you can use to enhance your domed labels:

Transparent Tints – If you want to add a luxurious touch to your domed tags, pastel transparent tints added to the clear urethane will do the trick. These pastel tints allow the reflective attribute of the metal to come through the color, giving it a glowing effect. This crystal-like appearance will enhance your domed label’s design.

Metallic Inks – Another way to enhance your domed label’s design is with the use of metallic inks. Metallic inks use silver specks to reflect a metallic, sandblast finish and produce stunning effects. It can be printed using high-end ink-jet printers that will yield a matte silver surface finish.

Patterns – Commonly, the background used with domed labels are plain, solid or without any patterns, giving it a flat appearance. A creative way to enhance the design of your domed label is to choose an interesting patterned background. It will visually create a textured surface that will instantly add dimension to your design.

Selective Doming – Selective doming is a unique process that will help your labels stand out. This is achieved by doming only a selected area of the plate. A clear lens is applied to the selected area producing a jewel-like, focal point and gives emphasis to the selected part. Selective doming is a doming technique that will help your product branding by highlighting parts of the labels, such as logo and lending it an eye-catching three-dimensional look.

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