How to Effectively Utilize Your Promotional Plates

BY Rowena Taylor

Promotional Plates

If you have heard of promotional items and know what these are for, then you already know what promotional plates are for. These plates are made for your promotional needs too, and are made out of a variety of metals, depending on what kind of metal you choose to use. More often than not, the metals that are chosen are those that have a decorative quality to them, such as bronze or brass. Stainless steel and aluminum are also popular choices for this particular product when a silvery metal is required.

Using promotional items such as these plates, as well as items that you turn into promotional ones with the help of vinyl labels, is a tried and tested marketing tool. This helps create what is called brand familiarity and recognition, which in turn helps increase revenues. The promotional items that you hand out to people will be deemed effective and worth what you spent on them if your brand becomes one that people recommend to others and buy themselves.

So, how do you increase the effectiveness of your promotional plates (and other promotional items), and increase brand recognition and loyalty with these? In order for you to get the most out of these promotional and marketing tools, you need to be able give people an item that they need and will use frequently. This makes them see your brand and company name constantly, creating the much needed familiarity that you are looking for.

This means that you should create promotional items that are geared towards constant use, and for you to be able to determine what these items are, you first need to gauge your target market. Are your targeting housewives, people who work in offices, students, or just about everyone? Once you have your target demographic, you can then choose the best possible product to create or customize for your promotional needs.

When you are considering using promotional plates, some of the items you can create include metal coasters, refrigerator magnets, rulers, and business card holders. Of course, promotional plates are not limited to items that you use as metals. These very same plates can actually be used like vinyl stickers and attached to items with the use of adhesives to create your ideal promotional product.

For instance, you can have a promotional plate made with your logo on it and you can attach this particular piece of metal to the bottom of an ashtray in the same shape. The ashtray need not be made out of metal, it can be made out of glass, stone, or any other material that is used to create such an item. This very same metal plate with your company name and contact information on it can also be attached to the side of a pen holder, or a diary, or even a desk calendar.

For these plates to be effective in marketing your brand, and increasing the public’s awareness of your company, you need to design these in such a way that these not only capture the attention of people, but hold their interest as well. These plates also need to carry your brand and your slogan in such a way that people will easily remember these or recall your brand when they need something that you manufacture. That is what brand recognition and familiarity is all about, and that is what you should strive for when you create these promotional plates as well as promotional items for your business.

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