How to Effectively Use Promotional Plates These Days

Promotional Plates

BY Rowena Taylor

Promotional plates are metal nameplates that can be used for a variety of purposes, with the main function of such plates being for promotional needs, as the name says. In order for you to get the most out of your promotional plates, you should be able to utilize these properly and to its full potential. This means that you should design and use these plates according to what your target market may want.

When you talk about target market and the use of promotional plates, you will need to take into consideration what the people want and need. You can then work these into your ideas for these promotional plates and where these are to be utilized. Since these plates can be crafted using a wide variety of marking methods, you can actually create items that people will want to use and have. This can essentially help you with your marketing and branding needs since such items can be seen by those who associate with whoever has these items.

These plates can be made using etching, stamping, printing and many other marking methods. You can also create these in many different sizes, depending on where these are to be used. To get you started, here are some great ideas for where you can attach or use these promotional plates on:

Mobile Phone Case – choose from the many different sizes and shapes that are made for use with the various smartphones that most people use these days. You can then have your brand, logo or company name etched, printed or stamped on a metal plate, and have this attached to the backside of a ready-made mobile phone case.

Keychains - while this may seem like a rather old idea, you have to admit, it is still a good way to get your brand recognized. A lot of people do use keychains for their car keys, home keys and even as decorative pieces on bags. You can have small plates with your company name, logo or brand stamped, printed or etched on them and you can simply attach these to blank keychains with leather tags on them  or drill a hole in one side and attach the key fob through the hole.

Lighters – the metal nameplates you make for keychains can also be attached to lighters that are ready made. You can also have metal lighters marked via some of the methods for marking ideal for metals like engraving, stamping and digital printing. These lighters can be handed out during special events or as gifts during holidays.

USB Flash Drives – okay, so these are rather small items to attach plates to, but guess what, you can still attach promotional plates onto these things. Simply order flash drives that are rectangular in shape, or have metal outsides, and attach your made-to-order promotional plates to one side of these drives. You can also choose to have a wrap-around plate made for these flash drives with the use of thin aluminum and wrap this thing around your pre-ordered flash drives. You can then give these USB drives out to your target market.

Coffee Tumbler – order plain metal coffee tumblers from any of the sellers you can find online and you can have these etched or printed with your company name, logo or brand. You can also order metal nameplates with your brand, name or logo on them and have these curved to fit the sides of these tumblers. You can then have these attached to these plain tumblers with the use of heavy duty adhesive. These will be ideal for marketing plans you may have that target people in offices and those who love coffee in general.

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