How to Effectively Use Destructible Vinyl Labels

BY Rowena Taylor

Destructible Vinyl Labels

So, you are thinking of having destructible vinyl labels made to help you deter any possible thoughts of theft and pilfering in your business. Good for you! You should be aware however that having these tags made is just the first step in trying to keep things in your establishment safe from being spirited away by unscrupulous individuals. You should have an inventory, checking and tracking plan in place, along with these labels, to ensure that their use is not in vain.

To effectively use these tags, you should first do an inventory of everything that you have in your place of business. To make this easier, it might be a good idea to have your labels marked with barcodes as well as have blank areas for you to write on them. You should also think about having your company name, logo, and contact details, or even some indicator that these tags are owned by your company, in order for these to not be confused with other similar tags that other businesses may have.

When you do an inventory of your items, you can make things easier by having a barcode scanner handy when doing so. After you attach one of these destructible labels to an item, you can then scan the code and add details about the item into the computer to help you easily determine what each scanned item is. You can include in the details what the item is, when it was purchased, where it is located, and if it is assigned to a particular individual, who that person is.

Once you are done with your inventory, you can then rest assured that theft of such items will either be deterred or seriously thought through before being executed. You can make the fear of discovery of theft more real for those who may be planning on doing so by making sure that you do an inventory of your items every so often. You don’t have to let people know when the scheduled inventory is. You can initiate one at random times during the year so that people won’t be too complacent about the checking being too far off into the future.

Since these tags fall apart when someone attempts to remove them, you should also make sure that you have someone checking bags of employees when they leave the premises. This ensures that no one is encouraged to even try and take these items out while declaring these as personal effects, when in fact a telltale tag, or even remainders of such a tag, can say otherwise. Making sure that people are also held accountable for the items that are assigned to them will also help keep them vigilant about these, helping them feel responsible for keeping these safe from being pilfered.

Just remember, while having destructible vinyl labels on all the items you want to keep safe from being stolen is a good idea, it is an even better idea to have a plan in place with it. Do inventory, track periodically, and make people accountable for what is assigned to them in order to help these tags do their jobs real well. When people realize that stealing, or even trying to “borrow” items from your business is not a good idea because of these safeguards, you will find yourself saving a lot of money, and all because of a good theft-deterrent plan and destructible stickers.

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