How to Determine What Metal Nameplates to Use for Your Needs

Metal nameplatesLots of companies use metal nameplates for many different reasons and for a variety of applications. Most companies order more than one type of metal tags since they usually have more than just one need for this, and manufacturing companies are usually the ones that order a lot of many different kinds at one time.

How do you determine which metal tags your business needs? Here are some questions you should ask yourself and what kinds of tags you may require:

Are these to be used for promoting your brand? – if your tags are to be used for promoting your company’s name or the brands that your business has, then you will have to ask yourself another question. Are these to be used on the products? Will these be used only for branding purposes? What other uses will these tags have? When you answer the succeeding questions, you will be able to determine what tags you will need.

For example, if these are plainly for branding purposes, you can choose to use decorative trim plates, promotional plates, embossed plates, and even etched plates. You can also choose to use labels for this, and choices include domed labels, aluminum foil labels, Mylar labels, and vinyl labels. If these are to be used for more than just branding, you might want to opt for model and serial plates, or barcode and UID plates that carry your product’s brand on them alongside the barcodes that are to be used for other purposes.

Are these to be used within the company premises only or for marking products that you will be selling? – this question is usually asked when tags that are being considered are to come with either barcodes or model and serial numbers. These would mean choosing plates that will fit the kind of products and items these are to go on. Considerations include exposure to rough conditions, usage, and a whole lot more. Options that are often considered when this question is asked include barcoded tags, UID tags, serial number tags, and inventory tags.

Sometimes, when there is a need for theft prevention, destructible vinyl and tamper evident tags are considered. Magnetic tags are also considered when it comes to theft preventive nameplates and labels.

Are these meant to last a very long time? – of course, when you say metal nameplates, the general consensus is that these will last a long time since these are made out of corrosion resistant metals. What some people may not be aware of is that some metals are tougher than others and can withstand a wider variety of rough conditions than others. When you ask yourself this question, you also need to ask yourself what kinds of conditions these tags will be exposed to. This way, you can decide on which type of metal to use, such as stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, or brass.

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