How to Decide What to Put on Your Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial PlatesModel and serial plates are used by companies to mark their products with information that can make these easy to trace when needed. These plates carry data, like model and serial numbers, which are useful to both the manufacturer and the buyer. These number and letter combinations not only help manufacturers keep track of their merchandise, but these also help when troubleshooting and repairs or returns are needed.

Not all serial plates carry the same information on them though. Some companies choose to simply incorporate their contact information and brand or logo into the plate, along with the necessary model and serial numbers for each item. There are a few however who use these plates for more than just these tracking details, and these include things like voltage, date of manufacture, and even spaces for stamping in maintenance schedules.

How do you determine as a manufacturer what to put on your model and serial number plates? Are all the things that other businesses put on their metal plates necessary or are these simply cluttering up the plate? Should you add more than just your company information and the numbers correlating to the item to your plates, or should you leave it as simple as you could?

There are many ways to determine what to put on your model and serial number tags, and the first is actually just plain preference. If you prefer your tags to be small and to carry only the numbers and your company contact info, then you can do so. This will simply mean that whoever purchases your item will have to contact your company if they require some help with the product that they bought from you.

If you want to ensure that the items you sell are used properly and to help people take better care of your products, you can actually squeeze in a few more details onto these tags. One thing you can add would be a warning for the kind of voltage needed for these things. Some people purchase electric or electronic equipment in the US, then travel and end up using these items elsewhere in the world. Since not all countries have the same voltage coming out of their sockets, the addition of what voltage the product needs will help remind people what voltage the product should be using.

Other things that you can consider, when putting together the design for your model and serial identification plates include your website and hotline, warnings for misuse, and return policies. You can also add certifications and other similar info on these tags. The choice is dependent on what your product is, after all, and what you want your customers to see on these tags.

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