How to Create a Product Using Decorative Trim Plates

Decorative Trim Plates - Etched Metal PlatesDid you know that you can actually create custom products with the use of decorative trim plates? You can have your designs interpreted on these metal plates, and you can attach these to other items to help create custom, decorative products that you can sell as your own. All you need is your imagination, great designs, and ideas that incorporate such tags into such products.

How can you put together a product that uses the versatility of these metal nameplates and the usefulness of your item? What products can be made with these customized plates and how can you sell these? Here are some ideas that may be worth considering:

Custom glass and metal candy canisters – you can combine etched metal with glass to create unique looking candy canisters. What you need to do is to find a round glass container (cylindrical in shape) and measure the circumference of this container. The length of your metal plates will be determined by the container’s circumference. Measure the height of the container, then put down half as the height of your metal nameplates.

You can then make designs based on the measurements you took, and you can have these plates custom made with a clear adhesive on the other side for a clean look. Design ideas you can use for such a product include etched scrollwork, floral patterns, and graphic symbols, to mention a few. It might be a good idea to choose thinner metals for this, and colored metals like bronze or brass for a more sophisticated look. Attach the finished custom metal plate to the bottom half of your glass cylinder, leaving the top half clean.

Custom wood and metal cigar cases – you will need to have wooden boxes with sliding tops for this, and you will need to decide whether you will have a custom metal plate on top and on the sides, or only on one of these for your design. You will have to measure the cover of your wooden box and you should reduce that measurement by an inch on all sides. This will leave some exposed wood for contrast purposes.

The same should be done for the sides. Measure the length of the metal plate to be wrapped around the entire box and the height of the box to determine the size of the plate you will have custom made for this. You can choose to have your design etched, embossed, or engraved for this idea, and you can even choose to create designs that have holes in it to show the wood underneath. These boxes can be sold as jewelry cases, knick-knack boxes, or special cigar boxes.

These are just a couple of ideas that you can go with when it comes to custom items that combine decorative trim plates with regular stuff that you can buy for cheap. You can create unique and sophisticated looking items with the right kind of design on the right type of metal which you can attach to these everyday pieces.

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