How to Clean Etched Plaques and Signs Without Scratching Them

Cleaning Etched SignsProbably one of the problems people face when they need to clean anything made out of metal is the possibility of these getting scratched up. No matter what kind of metal you may be working with, scratching is a possibility, particularly if whoever is cleaning this is not careful or does not know how to properly clean such an item. Since your etched metal plaques and signs are to be cleaned by maintenance personnel, it might be a good idea to impress on them the importance of utmost care when cleaning these. This is because some people have this mistaken notion that it does not really matter if metals get scratches since these are durable materials.

What they may not be aware of is that a scratch can take away from the beauty of the etched plate that was once pristine and scratch-free. And such a scratch could have been easily avoided with careful cleaning and the use of the right cleaning tools as well as methods. Since etched plaques and signs do have grooves that can collect dirt and grime, whoever is tasked to clean these plates may find themselves scrubbing these to remove such gunk. Scrubbing will not remove dirt that is inside these grooves and only the use of carefully selected cleaning tools can actually help in removing these.

For your etched signage to get the kind of careful cleaning they should get, you should teach your maintenance personnel what to do and give them the right tools for this. For starters, provide them with soft and clean rags for wiping these plaques and signs off. Microfiber rags are a good idea since these do not scratch surfaces up due to their fine texture. Give them a few of these, with some that can be used damp and some that have to remain dry for drying off and buffing the signs after cleaning.

Another tool you should give them is something they can use to carefully gouge out the grime and gunk found inside the etchings on the sign. Give them a wooden cuticle stick to do this since these have sharpened yet buffered tips that can get into these grooves without scratching these in the process. These can then be wiped off after each gouging. They should be told to use these to remove the grime from within the grooves of the sign after it has been sprayed with a mixture of warm water and grease-stripping dishwashing liquid. This will help loosen and soften the deep-seated dirt in these grooves.

Also part of the bag of tools needed to effectively clean these signs and plaques is the right metal polish and protective coating for the kind of metal that is used for these. Find out what kind of polish or coating is best for the metals that your signs are made out of, since different metals do require specific metal polishes to help protect them and to bring out their shine.

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