How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Metal Nameplates

Materials for Metal NameplatesDeciding to use metal nameplates for your tagging needs is only the first step in having these tags on your products or made for your requirements. Apart from creating and choosing the designs that are to go on these tags, you also need to decide on a number of things before these can be manufactured. One of the more important details you will need to decide on is the type of metal that will be used in the making of such tags.

When deciding on a type of metal for your nameplates, there are few considerations that you need to make. The choice ultimately comes down to these numerous factors coming into play and not just one or two aspects. Here are the considerations that have to be looked into when metal decisions are to be made:

  • Cost – not all metals cost the same, with some costing more than others due to the production costs for these and the availability of the raw material used in the making of such metals. For example, stainless steel can cost more than aluminum primarily because the latter is more abundant than the former, with the mineral used to create this metal being the most abundant. The thickness of the metal will also add to the cost of the material itself, and the size of your metal tags will also be another factor to consider when it comes to the cost of your tags.
  • Color – some metals are silvery and others have a golden tinge to them. You need to choose between these two colors if you are planning on keeping most of the metal bare after these have been imprinted, stamped, or etched. If you do not want the metal to have a golden look to it, stainless steel or aluminum are your primary options. If you want these to have a golden shine, then bronze or brass may be your best bet for such nametags.
  • Printing Method – your printing method will also matter when you choose the kind of metals you will use for your nameplates. While most of the metals that are being utilized in the creation of customized metal nameplates can be marked using any of the methods your chosen manufacturer has for you, there are some that do work better with specific mediums. Find out what metal works best with your chosen marking medium by contacting your chosen manufacturer and asking for feedback regarding the combinations you are thinking of utilizing.

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