How to Choose the Right Design for Your Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial PlatesYou’ve seen these tags on a lot of different items, some of which are rather electronic in nature and others having a more mechanical guise. Whether these are equipment used in farms and factories, or items that are used in offices, when these things have parts that may break down or need replacing, chances are, these have model and serial plates on them. These serial plates serve a rather important purpose, and how these are put together is often dependent on what the company wants its customers to see on these tags.

If your company is in need of such metal nameplates, you will first have to determine what should go on these plates. If you have quite a bit of information that you want to go on these tags, then you might want to summarize these enough for people to easily understand what is written on these at a glance. The size of your tags after all are dependent on the amount of info you are planning on adding to it, so you need to be somewhat selective of what you put on these.

Some of the more commonly included information that companies choose to add to these tags are rather simple. As the name implies, these tags carry the item’s model number and serial number. These may also carry the manufacturing company’s name, logo, and contact details. If these are the only things you will be adding to your plates, a simple design that can easily carry all of these may suffice.

Model and Serial plate If you are thinking of adding more items on your tags however, like voltage  requirements, safety warnings, and disclaimers, you might need to have a  bigger tag made. You can also opt to have the print on these tags made  small enough to fit but big enough to be legible. How much info you choose  to add will affect the size and design of your tags.

 For those who want to add quite a bit of details on their model and serial  tags, you will want to consider the placement of these elements as well. The  usual arrangement has the company name, address, and logo at the top,  with the details being in the middle, and contact information being placed at  the bottom. Sometimes, when there are so many things to be added to the  tag, the model and serial number are placed right under the company name  to avoid confusion.

In the end, your model and serial plate design will depend on just how detailed the information on these will be. This will also depend on how big a space your tag will be occupying as well as what the item is. To get ideas for your own tag, you can check out the ones that many popular brands are using on their own products.

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