How Your Serial Number Plates Help You and Your Customers

Serial Number PlateMonitoring and tracking of items and assets are important aspects of any business. A serial number is a unique, identifying number or group of numbers and letters assigned to an individual item. This is particularly used to track items or parts of items. A serial number plate is the labelling tool companies use to track their products’ serial numbers.

Serial number plates are attached to the product or item with the use of adhesives, rivets or screws, dependent on the material where they are mounted. They can be made using a wide selection of metal materials, and in any size that is ideal for the product. The most common metals chosen for these plates are aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and brass. These materials are not susceptible to deterioration and corrosion.

Serial number plates play an critical role in important situations not only for manufacturers but equally essential to consumers as well.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management - Serial number plates enhance any company’s asset tracking by organized and efficient quality control. Assigning serial numbers to each item easily manages and reconciles product ownership, location and configuration. It can easily identify if an item is missing, tampered or needs to be repaired.

Product Servicing - One important use of serial numbers is for product servicing. The serial numbers make it easier to identify the particular make and model of the product. It is an efficient way of identifying materials needed specific to the product that are needed in case of repair or part replacement. It also helps technical support personnel to find troubleshooting and repair instructions specific to the item.

Product Integrity - Imitation of good quality products is very common and poses a problem to many consumers, worrying that the product or item they bought is not authentic. To address and ensure product integrity, some manufacturers use serial numbers on their products. They are attached to the product and can be accessed privately online by the customer. Some manufacturers mail the serial number to those who requested. This helps the consumers identify if the product they got is the real deal.

Warranty Information and Claims - Another important use of serial number plates is for warranty claims. Warranties are linked to individual product and most manufacturers use online sites to help consumers check their warranty conditions and coverage. These sites require the make, model and serial numbers of the product. This is an accurate and time-saving way to check warranty information.

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