How Your Inventory and Asset Tags Should Be Utilized

barcoded asset tags

Most, if not all, businesses today, use inventory and asset tags to help keep track of everything that they own and use. The utilization of these tags is an important part of every company’s asset tracking system, and using these tags the right way will help a company save money. This is because these tags help companies know a number of things, such as how quickly certain consumables like toilet paper and pens are consumed.

While having asset tags and inventory tags do help a business keep track of what they own, not having a system behind these tags will generally negate the good these are supposed to do for your company. This is why the use of these tags should always be accompanied by a system that helps you properly keep track, assess, and generally know what is happening to what your company uses and owns.

Here are some steps that you might want to consider using when you are using inventory and asset tags for your business:

Always take note of when every piece of equipment was acquired – this is when you will first use your tags and should always be noted with a few details, depending on what kind of item you are trying to keep track of. If the item is a consumable one, this will help you take note of when these were purchased and how soon the next purchase for the same items was made. This will help you determine the rate of consumption and thereby gauge how much this costs you per month.

The same goes for equipment, but in a slightly different manner. When these are acquired, you can note when preventive maintenance should be done and how often these items are being called in for repairs. These will also help you know when you will need to replace these or when these have to be overhauled in order to prolong its usage, which will also help save your company money.

Schedule regular checks to ensure that everything is still intact – this is what you need to do with equipment that have asset tags. Regular checks not only tell you that your equipment are still there, but also helps you determine if these need preventive maintenance, if these require repairs, or if the item in question needs to be replaced. This will also help you prevent theft since regular checks of items and equipment being assigned to people will make them more careful with these due to the accountability that is given them with the help of these tags.

Make your employees accountable for what they use – having these tags on these items will help you give your employees a sense of responsibility for the items that they are using. This can be done by registering each item under the name of the person it is assigned to. For instance, when you assign a laptop to an employee, they will have to sign for it and will be held responsible for any repairs needed due to negligence or misuse. Having tags that show who an item is assigned to and letting them know that they are responsible for it will make them take better care of such an item.

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