How Your Brand Can Benefit from Embossed Nameplates

Embossed Metal Nameplates

You may not have considered this in the past, but if you are thinking of having tags made for your products and your brand, you should consider having these made with embossing as the marking method. Embossed nameplates are a great idea when it comes to branding tags simply because these are very eye catching, and are rather durable when compared with other types of metal nameplates. The reasons why embossing is a great method to use for your metal plates when it comes to your branding needs include the following:

Embossing makes metal nameplates stand-out from the rest – this is meant in both a literal and figurative way. It stands-out from the rest because of the raised characters on these plates. These also stand-out because people will notice this more than the other tags that do not have raised characters and 3-dimensional features that can be found on these embossed plates.

Embossed plates are more memorable than flat ones – these plates have raised characters that give it more depth and dimension. When placed beside nameplates with the same print but are flat, you will definitely take notice of the one with the raised characters more than you would the flat one. This is because embossing gives a metal nameplate more character and makes it appear more appealing because of the 3-dimensional look it has.

Embossed nameplates are very durable – due to the marking method used in the creation of these kinds of nameplates, you will get not only very attractive plates but also very durable ones. These plates are made with the use of two stamps, a male and a female one, and added heat, which helps soften the metal a bit before it is stamped. When the metal is cooled down after stamping, what you get is a metal nameplate that is doubly durable because the raised characters add more strength to the metal.

Embossed nameplates are great for brand familiarity and recognition – when you want people to easily recognize and remember your brand, using an embossed plate will actually help a lot. Since this kind of a plate has a unique raised design, it not only reminds people of your brand when they look at it, but they also remember how the tag felt when they touched it, giving them a more sensory remembrance of your tag, and not just a visual one.

These are just a few of the things that make embossed nameplates a great choice for when you want a tag that will help your brand.

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