How You Can Utilize Metal Dog Tags for Your Tagging Needs

Military Style Dog Tags

Metal dog tags are known for one particular use, and that is as an identification tag for servicemen to wear around their necks. While this is still one of its main uses, dog tags are now being used elsewhere for many different reasons as well. These can be worn as accessories, utilized as pet identification tags and used for bag tags, among other things.

Dog tags are highly customizable and can be used for many different things. You can choose what metal to use for these. You can choose the marking method and the size of these as well. This makes them very ideal for a huge number of purposes.

One thing you can consider using these tags for is marketing, advertising and product tagging. Imagine using metal dog tags as label tags that hang from the necks of your bottled products. These can be customized to look elegant with the use of brass or bronze as your metal of choice along with fancy fonts and engraving. You can then hang these around your bottle necks with the use of ribbons or delicate looking chains.

These very same dog tags can also be used as giveaways for some of your promotional and marketing drives. For example, if you are selling military style clothing, or items that are inspired by the military, you can actually advertise that you will give away customizable dog tags to people who purchase a number of items that reach a set amount. You can then customize these tags on the spot with the customer’s name or whatever they want you to put with the use of a portable engraving machine or other metal marking tool you may have.

These can also be used as decorative tags for certain products you may have. These can be added to these items via a number of methods. You can sew these on, glue these on, and many more. Since these dog tags are often made out of non-corrosive materials like stainless steel and aluminum, these can be safely attached to clothing and other fabric made items.

The possibilities for dog tag use can be pretty endless, as long as you know how to customize these properly for your benefit. Brainstorm with your marketing team what you can do with dog tags for your promotional requirements and you will find yourself with an excellent tool for getting people to purchase your products.