How You Can Use Old Etched Plaques as Decorations for Your Home or Office

Etched Plaque Rubbing

Have you ever heard of a hobby called gravestone rubbing? This is when you find interesting looking gravestones and, with the use of a huge sheet of paper and some charcoal or rubbing wax, you copy what is on these stones by placing the paper over it and rubbing the paper with the wax or charcoal, leaving an impression on the paper. This hobby may seem creepy to some, but a few find it fascinating because of the numerous interesting and unique designs that can be found everywhere.

If you still cannot stomach going to a cemetery to rub gravestones, you might want to consider using old plaques for this instead. There are also many unique looking engraved and etched plaques everywhere that you can try this rubbing hobby with. Just make sure that you do not damage these old and interesting plaques with your rubbing method.

Once you have successfully gotten a few rubbings from unique looking plaques and markers, you can then have these framed and used as decorative pieces for your home or your office. You can even put these in a collage form (if the etchings are small or you rubbed small plaques) and frame these. You can also opt to use different colors of rubbing waxes to get an interesting combination of rubbings in one frame.

Another idea you can use, is to not rub these old etched commemorative plaques and markers, but to take pictures of them. You can then have these pictures framed as interesting art pieces for your place of business or your personal space at home. As with rubbings, you can even put some of these pictures in a collage before framing them.

If you have a few old etched plaques that you feel would look great as decorations for your space, you can have these reframed, remounted, or whatnot, to give these a fresh look. These can also be kept as is and mounted on one wall in an interesting design or form to make these look unique and interesting.

Old plaques and markers can be used as decorations for many parts of your home. All it takes is some imagination and careful planning. These can even be rubbed using different colored waxes (in short, crayons) and the paper rubbings used as gift wrappers. The decision on what to do is entirely up to you, and the limit to what you can do with these old etched plaques is limited only by your imagination.

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