How Personalization Impacts Identification Products and Branding

identification ProductsIdentification Products, as the name implies, are tags that are used to label or brand companies’ items and merchandise. Nearly everything we see now has a tag identifying it. These are utilized across different industries and each has its own unique set of identification needs. Aside from labeling and tagging purposes, these have an impact on the success of product branding.

Businesses need to stand out and keep up with rival companies in this very competitive world. How will they do this? They will need a combination of strategy, creativity and innovation. To build consistent brand familiarity, these tags should grab consumers’ attention and easily differentiate it from other brands. This is the reason why companies invest time, money and other resources to create unique and effective identification products.

Personalization is a trendy and attention-getting gimmick that a lot of companies seem to be adopting these days. One example of a company that seems to be getting a lot of attention due to their brand and label personalization drives is Ferrero Rocher, the maker of the popular choco-hazelnut spread Nutella. They launched a personalization campaign worldwide where jars of Nutella can be branded with the customer’s name, for a small fee or purchase. This increased sales and curiosity for the brand, thereby making this personalization and brand recognition drive successful.

Why Personalization Influences Brand Recognition

As you can see from the success of Nutella’s branding campaign, people like items becoming more personal and appearing to be made specifically for them. This is one of the many reasons why this kind of a gimmick succeeds. Here are a few other reasons why personalizing identification products impact product branding:

Easy - To personalize your labels, you will need data insights and technology. Companies are doing very well with this through digital technology. It provides them with a fast and easy way to personalize their labels. How does this work?

If you are planning to customize your label by including personal information like names and locations, a simple research online about your target market will do the trick. You can use the top 100 common names and add it to your label. Through digital printing, this customization will not be difficult.

Consumer Emotional Connection - Who would not love something that is personal and unique? This is the reason why personalization is effective in branding. Consumers tend to be emotionally engaged when a product seems to be made just for them. Why is emotional engagement important in any business? It is because of one simple reason –it is the key to stronger customer loyalty.

As a matter of fact, according to a study conducted by Hanley-Wood Business Media, 78% of consumers felt that companies that create unique and personalized consumer content are more interested in building a relationship with them. This concept transcends that usual product identification. It builds an emotional connection between a company and the consumer.

Sales - Personalizing identification products is a proven effective way to increase a company’s sales. It has been said that one in five consumers in the United States wants custom or personalized packaging, and nearly one in four Chinese consumers will purchase and pay more for items in personalized packaging.

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