How Long Do Metal Nameplates Last?

Metal nameplatesThis is a question most customers ask before they place an order for the metal nameplates they need for their business. It is a common enough question, but the answer is rarely the same for every client, and this is because every metal tag that is crafted is different from the others. This is due to the fact that different metals, different plate sizes, different marking methods, and different elements come into play with each metal tag that is crafted.

Suffice to say, metal tags last longer than most standard tags that are made out of cardboard, paper, or plastic. As long as you choose to use metals that are rust and tarnish resistant, you will find metal tags last for years most of the time. This is also dependent however on the other factors we just mentioned, which includes exposure to varying conditions and what is used to mark these tags.

Another factor that comes into play when it comes to the longevity of the lives of such metal tags is the care one takes in maintaining such tags. If these tags are used on equipment as warning and instructional plates or as schematics, you might want to ensure that these are cleaned periodically to extend the life of the plate.

More-often-than-not, these tags are exposed to the myriad chemicals and environments that the equipment these are on is also exposed to. Cleaning these tags at least once a week and wiping these down daily with a clean rag to remove any dirt and grime that may build up on it is essential to its longevity. Making sure that the dirt and grease that can be found in the grooves of these tags are removed will also help extend the usefulness of these metal nameplates. This is particularly true for embossed, engraved, and etched tags.

The only way you can ensure that your metal nameplates, and other types of labels or tags for that matter, last as long as they should, is for you to take proper care of them. If these tags are attached to products that you sell, you might also want to consider adding a protective coating to these tags to make them last as long as possible. Not only will these protective surfaces ensure that your tags last long, but it will also help prolong its marketing and advertising usage.

One such coating you can consider is doming. Creating domed tags will not only help create more durable metal nameplates, but it will also help create a more eye-catching tag with its 3-dimensional appeal.

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