How Important are Identification Plates to Businesses?

Identification Plates

Identification plates come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. These plates are also made using a wide variety of materials as well as thicknesses, and are attached to items using a plethora of mounting options. With so many businesses using these plates, you may tend to wonder, what is it with these metal plates and why do companies put a lot of importance on them?

Identification plates are, as the name suggests, plates that help identify whatever it is attached to. These plates can carry almost any kind of information on them and these include the product model and serial number, the name of the company that manufactured it and contact information, among other things. Companies have good reason to need these plates, especially if they have a lot of products and items that they need to differentiate from each other. To help you further understand why these plates are important to businesses, here are some of the uses of these plates and why these are used:

To make it easier to troubleshoot and repair products – businesses that sell products that may need repairs or troubleshooting will require some tracking information on these items to help make it easier to fix them. This is especially true for companies that have a wide array of products that carry different parts in them. These identification plates, usually called model and serial number plates, help these businesses locate the parts needed for repair by referencing the information found on them.

These very same plates can also be used to locate troubleshooting information that customers may need when they call the company’s customer service hotline. Since these businesses are likely to have a number of products on their catalog, being able to easily find the right troubleshooting instructions on their database can help their customer service personnel give customers the right information they need. This can be done with the help of model and serial numbers on these plates.

To determine if warranties and guarantees are still active – another reason why these plates are valued by businesses is due to the fact that these can be used to determine if a product’s warranty is still active or if it has expired. The serial numbers of such items, after these are purchased by consumers, are usually sent back to the manufacturers so they know when these have been purchased and when the warranty was activated. This will help the company know when the warranties on these products are still usable or when these can no longer be used.

For inventory and tracking purposesidentification plates can also be made to carry barcodes in order for these to be easy to catalog and track. Since barcodes are machine readable and can be scanned using a handheld device, keeping track of inventory is easier. Companies can easily determine whether a specific type of product is still on their shelves or have been shipped off with the help of these tags. These tags can also help them determine whether or not stocks are running low or if they have a surplus of a certain item.

For branding and marketing needs – identification tags or plates can also be used for branding purposes, with highly decorative metal plates being crafted for just such a purpose. These plates can be seen on a number of products like automobiles, appliances, equipment and many more. You can also find these used on factory equipment, heavy machinery and electronic items. These may carry the company’s brand name or logo and can be attached with the use of an adhesive or rivets, depending on what the product is. 

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