How Identification Products Serve Those Who Use Them

BY Rowena Taylor

Identification ProductsIf you look around you, you will see that there are many things that carry nametags, nameplates, labels, and tags on them. These are identification products, and these serve quite a number of purposes that you may not really know about. The most common purpose for these is to brand items and products with the company’s name, or a specific brand that the company owns. Branding is used to help people remember which company made the best of a particular item they like, and remembering the brand will help them purchase the same thing in the future.

Identification products also help consumers know what product they are getting. After all, with the term “identification product”, you know that what this does is to identify something. These can come in the form of metal nameplates that are glued, riveted, or screwed onto the item. These can also come in the form of labels that are attached to these very same products as well. You can also find these identifiers as hanging tags. The kind of identification medium will depend on what kind of product these are marking.

Some of these are used for inventory and tracking purposes. Examples of tags that do this particular kind of job include barcoded plates, UID tags, serial number plates, and asset tags. These may or may not have machine readable codes on them, although more often than not, these do. The addition of machine readable codes on such tags is to help in making the inventory and tracking process easier.

These tags serve a lot of purposes, with some of them simply used to show people a brand (as mentioned earlier), and others used for more than on purpose. Some of these tags have quite a lot of information on them. For instance, a label on a bottle can carry not only the brand and the product name on it, but also information on expiration dates, ingredients, nutritional information, where it was manufactured and so on. The same can be said for metal nameplates used on home appliances, vehicles, tools, and the like. These can have tags that carry only the product name on them, or can have the serial number, model number, manufacture date, and contact information of the company on them.

Some companies choose to cut costs by creating a tag that carries all the information they need their customers to have, and this comes in the form of a tag that has the company’s contact info, the product’s serial and model number, manufacture date, company logo, wattage (if the product requires electricity to run), and other pertinent information. Some companies however choose to use more than one tag, with one nameplate carrying serial and model number information, and another carrying the company’s brand name or logo, and still another with operating instructions and contact information for troubleshooting needs.

As the name suggests, identification products serve to identify certain things to consumers. What these things are usually depends on what the company wants these tags to have on them. As a manufacturer of goods, you have quite a task of choosing what kind of tag to use for your products. The choice will depend on what kind of product you are tagging, and what purpose you want these tags to play.

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