How Identification Products Can Help Your Business

identification products

When you talk about identification products, you are essentially talking about items that help identify what these are attached to. These come in many forms, shapes, sizes, and configurations. These also carry a variety of information on them, depending on what the company needs these tags for.

Identification products actually do more than just mark things that a company owns or sells. Since these come in many different configurations, these also help with a few other things, depending on what these configurations are. Here are some of the different tags that a company may have, and what they can do to help such a business:

Inventory and asset tags – these help a business keep track of everything they own. When used with an effective asset tracking system, this can also help a company save money. When a business can keep track of what they own effectively, they not only know where everything is and who is using what, but they also know when things need to be repaired, maintained, or replaced. This essentially helps a company reduce unnecessary acquisitions and help keep things in good running condition, which in turn helps save money.

Model and serial number plates – plates that have an item’s model and serial plate help a company keep better track of everything that they manufacture and sell. These tags actually assist a business when troubleshooting, repairs, and recalls are required. These also help a business see which products are popular, successful, and actually make them money. These also help when warranties that come with such products are limited, and the serial as well as model numbers on these tags, once activated, will tell a company whether or not a product is still within warranty limits.

Decorative trim plates – since these are highly customizable, these tags can be used to either put brands on an item, put some decorative elements on them, or to put the company’s contact information on the product. These plates, due to the fact that these can be customized totally, are very versatile and the limit to what these can do for a business is dependent on what these carry.

Barcoded tags – as the name implies, these tags have barcodes on them. These can be used for a few different things. These can be used for easy asset and inventory tracking, for POS use, and for many more. The barcodes on these tags can also be used to store important information about the item that can be accessed with a barcode scanner.

Destructible vinyl labels – this has a double purpose. The first one is for whatever primary purpose the company ordered these for – inventory and asset tracking, labeling, barcoded for POS use, and even for instructions or warning. The second purpose is for theft prevention. These tags fall apart when someone attempts to remove them, so if anyone tries to remove the tag once it is attached to an item, they will need to remove all the small pieces one by one in order to successfully get rid of the tag.

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