How Identification Plates are Often Utilized

BY Rowena Taylor

Identification Plates

As the name suggests, these are plates that are made for identification purposes. As such, identification plates are utilized but almost all businesses in one way or the other. These come in many different forms, are manufactured using a wide variety of materials, and can carry as little information as the product’s brand or as much information as is needed. This basically means that identification plates are highly useful and can be used any which way you deem fit.

As versatile as these plates are, you will find that how you use these identifiers is still very dependent on numerous factors. For one, your budget plays a huge role in the creation of these tags. Where you will use these, what elements these will be exposed to, and other similar considerations also come into play when you are having these plates created for your needs. Not all plates can withstand exposure to certain substances and situations, and not all materials come with the same price, so careful consideration of these factors is definitely needed when thinking of having these made for your business.

So, where are these plates usually found and how are these generally used? Here are some of the more common uses of identification plates, and what they identify:

Model and Serial Plates – you can easily tell from the name itself that these are plates used to identify a product’s model number and serial number. These can come in many different sizes, with some small enough to be used on home kitchen appliances and others big enough to be utilized on tractor and truck engines. These can carry as little information as the model and serial number along with the brand and contact information for troubleshooting, to as much information as the company deems is needed.

Barcode and UID Plates – these carry a lot of information in a very small area and this is because of the use of linear or 2D codes. These codes are machine-readable and the amount of information that can be encoded into these usually depends on the kind of code that is used. Aside from the codes that can be read with the use of an optical scanner, these plates can also carry information that you can easily read, such as the company name or brand, contact information, and if these are used for POS, the price of the item in question.

Warning and Instructional Plates – these plates help identify what hazards and dangers are present in a certain area or when a piece of equipment is not used properly. These warn people of such hazards, and sometimes inform them of protocols that need to be followed in order to waylay any possibility of encountering such dangers. These can be seen attached to machinery and equipment used in factories and other similar facilities. You can also see these tags on generators, as well as areas where the danger of electrocution is present. These are also attached to manufacturing equipment that presents certain dangers like pinch hazards, heat exposure, and the like. You can also see these plates carrying instructions regarding safety gear needed for these areas or for proper operation of specific equipment.

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