How Etched Signs Can Be Used by Your Business

Etched Signs and PlaquesDid you know that signs made out of metal plates and that use etching for their marking method is actually elegant looking and can actually be used by your business? As long as these signs do not need to be compliant with ADA standards, you can have these made with the use of the kind of metal you want and with etching as the marking medium. Where can these signs be used in business? Here are some ideas:

Company Name Door Sign – if you think about etched door signs for your business, you will usually envision elegantly crafted metal signs that carry your company’s name and logo on it in sophisticated fonts and polished metal. You can do this for your company’s name sign, and this can be used for any kind of business. You will find that a lot of businesses, namely restaurants and hotels, actually have this not only on their front entryway, but also on the doors leading to special function rooms and banquet halls.

Desk Name Plates – you can also have these metal plates made for use on the desks of the people who work in your company. These can be made out of a single piece of metal, which can then be bent into a long, triangular shape that will stand on its own when placed on a flat surface, like a desk. This can also be bent into an L shape that can also stand on its own on a flat surface. Metal plates can also be made to be inserted into stands or frames that are made out of wood, plastic, glass, and another kind of metal.

Commemorative Plaques – some businesses like to show people their heritage, and commemorative plaques are often used to do this. You can have a plaque made to explain how your company started, what its humble beginnings are, who the founders are, and so on. These plaques can then be mounted on a wall by the entrance of your building or offices, or can be placed on a pedestal outdoors.

These are just a few of the things you can do with etched signs for your offices. Probably the most common use for these elegant metal plates is having your company name on it since this gives people a good impression of your company. This also gives you the chance to create durable and impressive looking company name signs for your business.

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